Learning At Work Week 2022

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Learning At Work Week is here and this year's theme is Learning Uncovered.

So to celebrate, we are "uncovering" some new digital learning experiences, refreshing some 'oldies but goodies' and offering leaders and managers an exclusive opportunity to uncover and experience our Leader Resource Hub. 

If you are operating on a small budget, had little time to plan anything or only just discovered it was Learning At Work Week, then let us offer some support. No strings. Only bows. 

Scroll down to learn more or talk to us. 

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What's on?

HR Managers

It's not easy operating on a small budget. Recruitment. Policies. Holidays. Trying to ensure that teams and leaders are focused on learning means something has to give. This is where we can help, with enough courses, articles and resources to keep everyone happy. 

Something for everyone 

Access our webinar series for People Managers, invite your leaders to enrol on our Leader Resource Hub or let your employees take our open digital courses on Active Hybrid Teams and Building My Resilience. 


Atheneum is our leader resource hub. It's packed with articles, resources, videos and session slides on topics including Communication, Team Building, Organisational Capability and more. Normally accessible via our Coaching  For Leaders programme, it's private enrolment only for the week!

How does it work?

Free Digital Learning

Building My Resilience

This self-directed digital learning course includes a resilience health check and downloadable wall chart. 

Sign up via email, LinkedIn or Facebook. 

Resilience Assessment


For Teams and Leaders


Free Digital Learning

Active Hybrid Teams

This self-directed digital learning course includes a workbook, reflection exercises and video learning. 

Sign up via email, LinkedIn or Facebook. 

What is a Hybrid Team?


For Teams and Leaders



Leader Resource Hub

As part of Learning At Work Week 22, the team will be offering week passes to Leaders and Managers.

This is a private enrolment resource hub so click the button below to book a pass! 

Articles, Ted Talks, Workshop Slides


Managers & Leaders


About People Perform

Meet The Team

Kirsty Brooks
Co-Founder. Super Coach. 

Kirsty is experienced in new team start-up coaching, team performance, facilitating agreement in strategic imperatives and relationships between team members. 
Richard Frost
Co-Founder. HR Process Guru. 

Richard has spent his career developing skills, knowledge and experience in senior global talent acquisition, management and culture roles.
Lee Davies
Partner. Digital Innovator. 

The creative soul behind all of the great technology we have at People Perform,  Lee fuses technology with learning to make colourful journeys. 
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