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Digital Learning is sometimes called "online" or "technology" based learning. It used to be tucked inside a learning and development plan instead of being on the front page. Then millions of us got sick and/or took to Microsoft Teams and the only way we could learn is remote. 

But, even before Covid-19, there was a study by Deloitte showed that the average learner has about 20 minutes a week to spare on development. So how do you make that time work?

Why is digital learning on the rise?

Digital learning and course creation is the fastest-growing skill set requirement for HR professionals (Udemy). That may surprise a lot of classroom-based trainers out there.

Understandably, since Covid-19 has become an endemic more than a pandemic, people are craving a return to social interaction.

Your learners also crave time with their kids, spin classes, a hybrid working model and the next season of Modern Family. That's where digital learning helps. It offers you a way to offer more choices or extend the learning journey and measure it too.

Where we can help is the sweet spot in the middle. The team are a bunch of creatively minded, digital learning junkies who realise that classroom learning is part of, not in competition to well designed digital learning experiences. 

Before you scroll back up and consider doing a course on digital courses, scroll down. Take a look at what we can support you with and why getting a partner in, maybe the actual solution you are looking for. 

Designed to support HR teams
and business leaders who need "partners" not providers...

Practical. Innovative. Sustainable. Measurable. 

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Accessible. Affordable. In Plain English too...

Digital Learning is not just picking an LMS or a having mobile-friendly experience. It's a measurable, highly creative way to engage with learners from different backgrounds and skill sets. 

Bottom up or top down

It does not matter if you are a large organisation looking for new material for an existing LMS or a busy HR team who needs external digital learning support and advice. 

Past projects include SCORM files and video learning for FMCG juggernauts, to large-scale "first-time" programmes including LMS scoping and set up and full instructional design. 

Outcome Driven

How many times do your trainers arrive in a classroom without asking who they are training? Honestly, do you even know if they are new or experienced with digital? 

Training scope documents can help you know WHO your learners are, WHY they need to learn something, WHAT they are learning and HOW they are going to learn it. 

Flexible and Friendly Pricing

Hourly, daily, monthly. The pricing is kept simple so that you have the flexibility to stop and start and also cancel if your budget gets cut. 

Digital learning can get very expensive, very quickly. LMS investment alone can eat an entire budget. You will get cost-efficient recommendations from us, first and last. 

Measurable Reporting 

One of the most important features of any good digital learning programme is the ability to generate learning analytics from the learning management system.

Often, internal teams don't understand how to access this or for anyone new, it's a language best kept for the marketing department. The team make that process simple and effective to allow you to report back to the leadership team on how the investment is paying off. 

Pyschometrically Driven

Our lead consultant, Lee is a Clarity4D business partner and his approach is to factor colour energy and Jungian preferences into the learner persona analysis. 

Learners with a preference for sensing or introversion love modular structures and onboarding checklists. However, a learner with a preference for extraversion has social learning requirements to help generate a deeper, reflective understanding. 


It's a simple 5 letter word. You must make the right choices with handing over your hard-fought budget and organizational goals to someone outside of the business.

The philosophy here is "treat it like it's your own" and work to keep things simple, The more your colleagues and employees get on with digital learning, the more smiles you will have in the boardroom. That is what ticks our box. 

Free Digital Learning

Building My Resilience

This self-directed digital learning course includes a resilience health check and downloadable wall chart. 

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What our clients and partners say

I worked with Lee on a series of complex training videos for a large corporate. Lee was excellent at keeping the project on track with great attention to detail. He also was key in working with the client to interpret their feedback and enable us to satisfy their requirements.
David Bird, DB Sound and Vision
Managing Director 
Meet Our Head Digital Learning Junkie 

Lee Davies PG Dip IDM

I have been working in educational software and digital learning since 2016. In 2019 I successfully launched an online learning academy, taking that business into the USA market and increasing its course sales by over 100%, during the peak of the pandemic. That's the power of digital learning. 

At People Perform, we focus on technical capability as a key element in our consulting services. As such, I am in the final stages of completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Learning and am now a Clarity4D Accredited Business Partner.

My philosophy is to (try) and take the complex elements of digital learning and break them down. Clients can get fixated on the "tech" or get lost in it, and focus less on good learner-centred outcomes. I am here to provide coaching and guidance:)
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