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Welcome to the your digital resource hub!
Here you will find all the content, materials and learning tools we will share with you during the upcoming programmes. All conveniently located in one place, available at the touch of a button. 
  • Developing People

    Soft Skills For Employees
  • Coaching Leaders

    Leader and Manager Coaching
  • Team Effectiveness

    Resources & Workbooks
  • Digital. Accessible. 

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What's included?

  • 37 Digital Workbooks
  • 1 Feedback Survey
  • 22 Learning Topics
  • 5  Instructional Videos
  • 32 Downloadable PDF's

Video & eLearning

Access a wide range of workbooks and digital resources across subjects such as:
Problem Solving
Emotional Intelligence
Presentation Skills

Social Learning

Whilst this is a digital resources hub, it is also a learning platform, where you can contact a member of the faculty or discuss ideas amongst yourselves thanks to the power of social learning! 
About People Perform

Meet our team

Kirsty Brooks
Co-Founder. Super Coach. 

Kirsty is experienced in new team start-up coaching, team performance, facilitating agreement in strategic imperatives and relationships between team members. 
Richard Frost
Co-Founder. HR Process Guru. 

Richard has spent his career developing skills, knowledge and experience in senior global talent acquisition, management and culture roles.
Lee Davies
Partner. Digital Innovator. 

The creative soul behind all of the great technology we have at People Perform,  Lee fuses technology with learning to make colourful journeys. 
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