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Building My Resilience

Resilience is an important focus area in the world that we work and live in today and a critical area to develop to ensure that our own health and wellbeing is positive. 

Learn how you can build, measure and reflect on ways to become more resilient. 
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What's Included? 

  • Digital Workbook
  • Resilience Assessment
  • Instructional Videos
  • Wall Planner
  • Wider Resources

Find A Way To Change 

Develop a high level of resilience to be able to adapt and change course. 

Continue towards goals

Find ways to emotionally heal and continue to work towards your goals. 

Kirsty Brooks

Meet a member of the People Perform team! 
Co-founder.  coach.  course author. 

Kirsty is experienced in new team start-up coaching, team performance, facilitating agreement in strategic imperatives and relationships between team members. 
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