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Active Hybrid Teams

This FREE digital learning experience will help you understand what goes into creating a hybrid team, the risks associated with them and solutions to get the best out of being an active member of a hybrid team. 

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According to Harvard Business Review, more than 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid working model for their knowledge workers in 2022 (HBR Jan 22). However, not every organisation has the budget or capacity to roll out a formal hybrid working programme.

Need ideas for Learning At Work Week?

This course has been launched to support Learning At Work Work 2022. It's ideal for HR Managers in small organisations looking for guidance and ideas, but ultimately a low-cost learning option they can offer to their teams and leaders.
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What will you learn?

  • What is a hybrid team?
  • Potential risks of hybrid teams. 
  • Solutions for getting the best out of hybrid teams. 
  • Help gain an understanding of a new of working.

Team Members

Identify practical solutions and ideas to make hybrid team meetings more effective in under 45 mins.

Team Leaders

Apply hybrid learning best practices and make changes to team meetings at your business or organisation.

Webinar:Hybrid Teams

This short webinar is ideal for HR or People Managers, looking to validate or refresh their current hybrid working models and practices. 

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Kirsty, Lee and Richard form the core trio of People Perform.

Modest, hard-working and decent is how we like to be seen. Creative, consistent and authentic is how we deliver our work. Nothing is outsourced so you (literally) get what you pay for.

Kirsty Brooks

Coaching - Learning - Talent Development
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Kirsty gained her Masters in coaching in 2012, certified in Hogan, Decision Styles and Clarity4D and graduated from the Global Team Coaching Institute. 

Richard Frost

Talent Management - Workforce Planning
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Richard' background is in developing skills, knowledge and experience in senior global talent acquisition, management and culture roles. 

Lee Davies

Digital Learning - Innovation

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The creative soul behind People Perform Academy and our lead on digital learning, Lee fuses technology with learning to make colourful journeys. 
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