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Decoded: The 5 Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team

Are you a HR Leader? This short taster course will help you understand the 5 key behaviours that go towards making a cohesive team. 
Study price? Free. Learning Value? Priceless. 

What's included?

  • 1 Webinar
  • 1 Individual Sample Report
  • 1 Team Sample  Report
  • 1 Reflection Exercise
  • Course Feedback Survey

Learn Online 

Learn virtually and gain an understanding  of how teamwork and effective team behaviours can help you and your team achieve your goals. 

Watch The Session

Join Kirsty Brooks for a session on 'Teamwork-The Competitive Advantage. ' Press pause at any time and learn during your lunch break. 

Kirsty Brooks 

Kirsty has built her career in commercially focused roles specialising in people strategy, talent and leadership development. 
team Coach, mentor, co-founder. 

Kirsty is experienced in new team start-up coaching, team performance, facilitating agreement in strategic imperatives and relationships between team members. 
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