What is a teams contribution to strategic success?

Jan 16 / Kirsty Brooks
Many organisations develop a robust strategic plan intended to guide the company toward future goals and growth, but often find themselves asking the question 'why are we still where we are and why didn't we get to where we wanted to go?' 

In this research, we are seeking to understand the relationship between the execution of strategy and the process with developing effective teams to achieve greater outcomes. The research will combine qualitive analysis through discussion with senior leaders and quantitative research through an online survey that will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

We are looking for senior leaders (Director, VP, MD's, CEO's in HR, Business Unit, Divisional and organisation wide) within mid to large organisations to contribute their experience in deploying strategy within their company.

Your contribution will inform a valued white paper on how developing clear process alongside teams can contribute to organisational success, you will receive a copy of the whitepaper and an invitation to talk through the outcomes via a roundtable event.  Your input will help guide future leaders and organisations in deploying successful strategic programmes. 

Want to get involved? 

Contact Kirsty Brooks via hello@peopleperform.co.uk to take part. 
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