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Nov 21
Have a great strategy but struggle with organizational execution? 

Join us to discuss how Strategy Deployment can help you successfully implement your strategic goals.  

Learn how using psychometric analysis of individuals and teams can help build high-performing teams that design and implement breakthrough objectives and annual improvement priorities to reach your strategic goals.  

This webinar has as much of a roundtable feel as it will be an information download, taking you through not only the Strategy Deployment model, but the lessons learned and practical steps you can take to ensure your business can successfully implement a robust strategy.

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Dec 8th 1600 GMT Strategy Deployment

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Who is this for? 

If you are leading a business or responsible for Operations, Planning or Strategy at your organisation, this event is for you. 

Simply click the button above or head over to our events page to register. 

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Strategy Deployment & High Performing Teams

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