Master the art of workforce planning and talent retention

Oct 14 / Richard Frost
I've turned on the news every day this week and pretty much everyday we hear about the most recent list of organisations looking to reduce workforces and intend to announce job losses imminently, these are every day brands that we know well, making a sharp turn to enable them to respond to the current economic environment and rapidly changing strategy in line with consumer and procurement behaviour. 

Whilst that is part of the reason I'm writing this piece, the other reason was I was talking to someone in my network this week and they are struggling to balance workforce planning with their focus on talent. This wasn't the first time I had had that conversation recently either! 

For any organisation finding themselves in a position where they need to react and reduce headcount, critically focusing on their workforce planning and future revenue forecasting, don't forget to consider the retention of the key skills, competency, leadership pipeline and behaviours you need to deliver on your future strategic intent. 

Creating a talent retention strategy should sit alongside any workplace plan, after all, the cost of replacing critical workers and high potential is by far higher than the cost of development and tools to retain them.

And besides, it doesn't have to cost the earth!  So how do you combine the need to reduce cost but also invest in your talent? Get your talent to help you deliver your intentions! Yes, you heard right, we have worked successfully with organisations to deliver blended talent development solutions that combine both development activities and also their involvement in wider projects that support your strategic objectives.

It's a great opportunity to test  and develop capability, with the right processes in place it can be done in a safe environment. Strategic sponsors can support through mentoring and direction. People Perform have created a suite of process tools to identify critical roles and high potential, sitting alongside the development of leaders and managers to support the management of talent and coupled with Talent Development Programmes that can be immediately delivered or tailored to suit your organisation, budget and strategy.

We encourage the use of strategic projects to develop talent (we use the strategy deployment process), combining this with internal mentoring frameworks and delivery. 

What's our approach?

Our off the shelf package offers you piece of mind that it has been delivered successfully before and also removes any design costs that can increase the overall cost of delivery.

We use a blended approach from beginning to end:

  • Implement talent identification process and tools (talent review, critical role analysis and management development in using the process and tools)
  • Development that is individually focused using Hogan profilingand 360 feedback to inform coaching discussions throughout the development programme
  • A mentoring framework & development that ensures great conversations and tracks progress
  • A combination of development workshops and online learning that focuses on leadership, professional branding, project delivery and much more)
  • Action learning sets that bring your talent together to develop together
  • Project delivery, we use the strategic deployment process but if you have your own process, we fit in
  • Graduation ceremony

    We can brand the programme to your organisation and you can pick and choose each element of delivery to suit your needs.

    We also design and deliver bespoke programmes or simply fit in to your current process and programmes using our expertise in coaching, psychometrics, project and development delivery. It really doesn't have to cost the earth if you consider different options of delivery.

    In our experience, you don't just gain the cost of talent retention but the project outputs contribute to the return on investment and aligns with your strategic intent. 

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