New Hybrid Working Model Launch!

Feb 11 / Lee Davies
Did you know?

More than 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid working model for their knowledge workers in 2022. (HBR Jan 22)

The changes we will see in hybrid working will potentially bring massive change to company culture, leadership behaviours, and talent retention.

These changes are both global and local and mean organisations, leaders, and teams need training and assistance when implementing hybrid models.

How Our Model Works?

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Covid-19 has kept HR teams busy with overwhelming problems and obstacles.

Taking on the development and implementation of a hybrid working programme is both time-consuming and challenging in terms of the different audiences involved. 

People Perform have designed and developed a model for all stakeholders to get the best from this new working environment.

Build your own programme by picking and choosing what works for your business or go full-scale with our complete programme.

To learn more head over to our new product page
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