Partners. Not 'providers'. 

Innovative and pragmatic people solutions for Teams, Leaders and Organisations.

Our Story.....

Started in 2017, Kirsty, Lee and Richard form the core trio of People Perform, coming from large corporate and SME backgrounds with stories, qualifications and important lessons learned.

Modest, hard-working and decent is how we like to be seen. Creative, consistent and authentic is how we deliver our work. Nothing is outsourced so you (literally) get what you pay for.

Richard (Rich) and Kirsty are the original founders, with Lee joining in 2021 and from then we have been busy tinkering with our purpose. 

Rich is the details man with 25 years plus in organisational development solutions.

Lee is "all things digital" and learning tech innovation, with a keen interest in colour profiling.  

Kirsty is our coaching master (has a Masters in coaching) and is responsible for leadership coaching and talent development.

But, you are only as good as your team right?

Our agile model means we can bring members in and out when we need to.

About People Perform

Meet The Team

Kirsty Brooks
Co-Founder. Super Coach. 

Kirsty is experienced in new team start-up coaching, team performance, facilitating agreement in strategic imperatives and relationships between team members. 
Richard Frost
Co-Founder. HR Process Guru. 

Richard has spent his career developing skills, knowledge and experience in senior global talent acquisition, management and culture roles.
Lee Davies
Partner. Digital Innovator. 

The creative soul behind all of the great technology we have at People Perform,  Lee fuses technology with learning to make colourful journeys. 

What our clients say about us....

 I put my trust in them as a strategic partner, and they have always delivered.
Chief People Officer, Clarks
We agreed up front what we wanted to achieve. The delivery was then specifically targeted to our business and our teams.
HR Manager, Stanley Black & Decker
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