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People Perform Academy allows you to experience affordable, digital learning in combination (or not) with leadership coaching, team workshops and organisational programmes. 

It's our hybrid digital space. Take a free eCourse, discover our learning model or read our latest articles.

Choose self-directed courses, bespoke programmes or digital resource hubs;  The Academy supports learners and organisations with limited capability but growing demand for creative, digital learning. 

Learning At Work Week

16 - 21 May 2022

This year, the theme is learning uncovered.

We are uncovering a new course on 'Active Hybrid Teams', providing week passes to our resource hub and updating our popular course 'Building My Resilience'. 

Creative. Practical. Inclusive. 

People Perform Academy is a social, digital learning experience.
But it's not all we are. Or how we can help you. 
That's why you get "practical yet innovative" people solutions for Teams, Leaders and Organisations. 

Partners not Providers

Every organisation has its own unique footprint. You can come to us, talk the challenge up and get solutions that are bespoke. One size does not fit all. 

Practically Innovative

Leaders. Teams. Organisations. Coaching. Workshops. Programmes. Supported by a bedrock of digital learning and collaborative technology. 

Sustainable Learning

Our focus is on letting you pick your programme. Our job is to make sure whatever we deliver is future-fit and sustainable. 


Leader Resource Hub

As part of Learning At Work Week 22, the team will be offering week passes to Leaders and Managers.

This is a private enrolment resource hub so click the button below to book a pass! 

Specialities. Not Services. 

Discover how we can support you...

Digital coaching. Colourful teams. Hybrid working models.

Pick us for talent development or partner with us for your entire learning. 

Who doesn't love choice?!

Strategy Deployment

Proven formula or just magic bullets? 

Blended Learning

Digital learning is only part of the experience. 

Broad Client Base

Biscuit Boffins. Charities. Tool Pro's. 

Write your awesome label here.

What our clients say...

"Working with People Perform has been easy. They are experienced and intuitive talent professionals who can bring people concepts alive to practical implementation quickly with little or no rework."

Executive Vice-President - HR, Penspen. 

I have worked with People Perform on several occasions with different organisations. I trust their ethics, quality and output. I put my trust in them as a partner and they've always delivered.

Chief People Officer, Clarks

We agreed what we wanted – increased communication, teamwork and engagement.The delivery was then specifically targeted to our business and our teams. 

HR Manager, Stanley Black & Decker

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Hybrid Working Case Study
Read about our work with pladis 
View Our Brochure online 
Get a deeper understanding of our model and approach. 
Start building your resilience
Access our free course and start online learning today. 

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Kirsty, Lee and Richard form the core trio of People Perform.

Modest, hard-working and decent is how we like to be seen. Creative, consistent and authentic is how we deliver our work. Nothing is outsourced so you (literally) get what you pay for.

Kirsty Brooks

Coaching - Learning - Talent Development
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Kirsty gained her Masters in coaching in 2012, certified in Hogan, Decision Styles and Clarity4D and graduated from the Global Team Coaching Institute. 

Richard Frost

Talent Management - Workforce Planning
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Richard' background is in developing skills, knowledge and experience in senior global talent acquisition, management and culture roles. 

Lee Davies

Digital Learning - Innovation

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The creative soul behind People Perform Academy and our lead on digital learning, Lee fuses technology with learning to make colourful journeys. 
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